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Product descriptions:

Design descriptions:
KATA Forged steel ball valves have two structures. one
is of 2PCS structure, threaded bonnet, RPTFE or PEEK
seal. The other is of 3PCS structure. bolted tailpieces.
Different materials for seats, gaskets and packing may be
chosen acc. to different using conditions.
¢Full port or conventional port
¢90<locating and lock structure
¢Special Y type handle
¢Fire proof and anti static
¢Mounted flange as per ISO 5211
¢Blow out Proof stem
¢Double sealing for the stem
¢Bolted bonnet
¢socket welded ends to ASME B16.11
¢Screw ends(NPT) to ANSI/ASME B1.20.1



Design structure:
Seat is made of PTFE reinforced with 25% glass fibre or PEEK.PTFE with 25% glass fibr can gain better performances normally used for class 800 ball valves.PEEK can gain better performances under high pressure and high temperature normally used for class 1500 Ball Valves. Anti static / fire safe / blow out proof stem

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